Stitching tools:

As you know, with the Google Street View editor to be dismissed, we are no longer able to load 12 bracketed shots and to make them stitch using Google software, so you should use third party tools to do or all in one cameras with automatic stitching.


Stitching tools: 

1) PTGUI: – Pros: easy to use, trial version with small limitation, extraction of cube faces, many parameters Cons: some issues in merging HDR shots

2) Kolor Autopano:  – Pros: if you master, you can save much time in batching process, works better for nadir connection Cons: pro features are locked and tied to the more priced release

3)Walkinto: – Pros: one of the first authoring tools for SV, well documented and supported by author Boni Gopalan; has a free option with ads Cons: a little trick to work with

4) Hugin: – Pros: free, open source, tool

5) Microsoft Image Composite Editor:… Pros: free Cons: only PC

6) …


Publishing tools:

1) GoThru: – Pros: it’s a full supported tool for access to Google SV API, first to offer publishing, and Alin is a very proactive developer, easy to use Cons: it’s a pay option, but you can choose to try and buy each tour you want to publish

2) Tourmake: – Pros: it’s great in creating enhanced tours with hotspot, menus and maps, host tours using Viewmake, now opened publishing on SV Cons:

3) Panoskin:

4) Pano2VR: Pros: easy to use, SV direct publishing now available!

5) …


Other tools:

1) Flaming Pear: – useful PS plugin for patching nadir or working directly on pano from Photoshop

2) Nadirpatch:, online tool for nadir patching

3) Dronepan: for creating aerial panos using DJI Phantom

4) Litchi: for creating aerial panos using DJI Phantom

5) Krpano tools: for nadir patching and other functions (see:

6) Exif Fixer: to repair images that lost 360 metadata

7) Affinity Photo: Editing software Pros: cheap, threats natively 360 images

8) Walkabout: 3D modeling system for interiors

9) GradeUs:  Placeid finder


Costs and plans:





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