Health & Fitness 360° Tours


Custom Tours

We can easily produce custom tours for you that can be linked to your page on the Crunch website - or be distributed as a stand alone page.  Take your tour to the next level with a cutting edge display that can include a Floor Plan, Video - and feature the very best of your club's facilities!

Why build a custom tour from a Google tour?

By utilizing the Google API to serve the images, any time a user views a 360 in the custom tour, it is being tracked by Google as well.  This means that the impressions for your Google 360 imagery will increase as people view the custom tour on their distribution channels like your website. This increases the relevancy of the imagery and can improve the SEO of your listing on Google and can lead to more inbound leads for the client.  In other words the more people view your custom tour the better your SEO.



Custom tours offer access to all real-time visitor stats.

Share & Embed

You can share your custom tour via social media and email - plus embed your tour directly on your website.

VR Ready

All custom tours are equipped with VR ready technology,- impress your customers by viewing your tour on any VR headset.

Floor Plan Integration

Showcase floor plans they have available directly in the Panoskin viewer, increasing conversion rates.Photo & VideoAdd any video or photos in unique content tabs.

Virtual Meetings

Log in and host your own virtual tour meetings with your customers from any location or device.

Custom Tour Features

On the right nav of the custom tour -

  • If you click on R&R a description of all the Rest and Recovery features pops up
  • Info is an optional screen that can be formatted with more information about the club
  • Map is a quick link to the cubs's location on Google Maps
  • Share offers quick links to sharing on social media
  • Contact is contact info for the club - including a call button and clickable directions to the location.
  • Full is a full screen view

Bottom thumbnails include tour stops, stills and videos.

If you view the Circuit Training thumbnail you'll see a blue hotspot in the middle.  If you click on it there is a video fly-out that displays the entire section

If you click on the Rest & Recovery thumbnail you'll see a hotspot that displays a description of all the R&R features.

  • These are just two examples - hotspots can be added to any of the tour stops or photos.
  • The custom tour can also be viewed through 3D headsets - as well as any Smart TV or gaming console - literally anywhere.

Here's a link to what a Custom Tour might look like embedded in a web page.

Why Google 360° Business View?

We’re all familiar with Google Maps – they have become a universal tool we all use to easily navigate the world. We know how to click and drag our mouse around to enjoy 360° virtual reality views of the road. Even on our cell phones, we expect to pinch, zoom and swipe our way around our city streets.

Google 360 Virtual Business tours, allow you to do the same thing—pinch, zoom, and walk around—inside your club.  They enable potential members to take a virtual guided tour through your club, check out the features that interest them most – whether it be the state of the art equipment, spotless locker rooms or the cutting edge Relax and Recover facilities.

Power of media-rich 360° listings

  • When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time
  • Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest
  • On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit

Icon PDF Street View Study

Businesses with optimized Google listings are:

  • 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable
  • More likely to be used than businesses without a listing.
  • 29% more likely to motivate consumers to consider purchasing goods or services from them

Icon PDF Ipsos MediaCT Study

Matterport is the world’s most powerful all-in-one 3D data platform lets us turn your space into an accurate and immersive digital twin.

It’s a cutting edge, immersive-media technology that provides 3D media solutions. The software serves multiple industries, including real estate, health, retail and entertainment.   Using it we can create an online 3D model of your club that includes:

  • Hot Spot Links
  • Text Boxes
  • Video popups
  • 3D Models
  • Floor Plans
  • Self Guided Walkthroughs

All easily embedded in your website and posted on all of your social media channels.  Click the play button on the right to see all of these features in action.



Video Tours

Video can now be easily generated from your existing Google Tour that can then be posted to your social media or embedded on your website.  The perfect application of this new feature is to post your  virtual walkthrough video to the header of your Facebook page – as you can see from this example we created for Crunch Clifton, NJ.  Tours can also be uploaded to your Youtube account – or we can upload it to YouTube for you and you can just link to it.  Each 360° Tour comes with a Video Tour at no additional cost.

HDR Photography

Each 360° Google Tour comes with 24 High Definition HDR photographs